Thursday 20 - Friday 21, April 2023
Adelaide Convention Centre

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South Australia is a climate change leader globally. The Government of South Australia and the Premier’s Climate Change Council are working with Business SA, industry and the business community across all sectors to ensure we hold onto this title. With 2030 fast approaching, it’s time to come together to push our innovations and take advantage of the opportunities arising to secure the future of our state.

As the Chair of the Premier’s Climate Change Council – the South Australian Government’s independent advisory council on mitigating and adapting to climate change, I invite you to participate in South Australia’s inaugural Industry Climate Change Conference.

Martin Haese – Chair, Premier’s Climate Change Council


South Australia’s inaugural Industry Climate Change Conference will bring together industry, business and government representatives from across South Australia to work on further reducing emissions and set the pathways towards a net zero future.

The South Australian Government has state-wide goals of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% by 2030 and achieving net zero emission by 2050. There is also a target to achieve 100% renewable energy generation by 2030, which is well on the way with recent figures showing this is currently sitting at 68%.

The state government is hosting the Industry Climate Change Conference in recognition that action is required by all sectors to achieve these targets.


The Hon Peter Malinauskas MP

South Australia’s 47th Premier, The Hon Peter Malinauskas MP, has outlined a bold, transformative agenda for the state where renewable energy and a strong, low emissions economy is central to future growth and health for the next generations.


You are invited to hear first-hand the Premier of South Australia outline his vision and how the State government is delivering the response to climate change and transition to low emissions. Industry and business, including small and medium enterprises, will have fundamental roles in reaching a net zero emissions future across all sectors of the economy, including energy, transport, agriculture, and manufacturing.


The Hon Susan Close MP

The inaugural South Australian Industry Climate Change Conference in 2023 is an initiative of The Hon Susan Close, Deputy Premier and the Minister for Climate, Environment and Water.

The Deputy Premier is leading the state’s active response to climate change. Hear how she is listening, consulting and driving the state towards an economically strong net zero emissions future.  

South Australian industry and small and medium enterprises can be part of, and benefit from, low emissions economic growth. Planning and working to decarbonise across sectors will be key to a clean, green and prosperous future.


Registration $299.00 per person
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Media Registration

Accredited journalists may attend the conference for free (a maximum of two registrations per company).

To apply for media registration you need to complete the registration process by contacting All Occasions Group via email at to confirm your eligibility. Once confirmed, you will receive a link to the registration portal.

Who is eligible for media accreditation?
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Please note that individuals, agents or contractors providing coverage for or being sponsored by industry may not register as media.

What does media registration include? Free registration to the conference

Speakers, Panellists and Interviewers

South Australia’s inaugural Industry Climate Change Conference is bringing together an
impressive line up of industry, business and government experts to discuss how we can further reduce emissions
 and set the pathways towards a net zero future.


Thursday 20 April
7.30am Registration Opens
8.45am Welcome to Country
Jack Buckskin
9.00am Opening Address
Hon Peter Malinauskas MP
Premier of South Australia
9.30am Welcome
Martin Haese
Chair, Premier's Climate Change Council
9.45am Day 1 Industry Keynote Address
Jon Dee
Entrepreneur, Author, Broadcaster and Sustainability Expert

Jon Dee is an award-winning social entrepreneur, broadcaster and campaigner. With 36 years of industry experience, Jon is a high-profile expert in the field of business sustainability. In 2020, Jon was named “the leading Australian figure in sustainability and the environment” by Michael Liebreich, the founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. In total, Jon has written and presented 700 different business sustainability news stories and interviews. His business guidebooks ‘Sustainable Growth', ‘EnergyCut' and ‘EnergySmart' have moved over 140,000 copies. As the industry keynote speaker on Day 1, Jon Dee will share how climate change is impacting business as usual and that to remain competitive in the future, enterprises are embracing and adapting to the low emissions economy.
10.15am Federal Government Address
Hon Chris Bowen MP
Minister for Climate Change and Energy Government of Australia
10.45am Morning Tea
11.15am Net Zero Global Transition
Rebecca Mikula-Wright
CEO Investor Group on Climate Change

Rebecca Mikula-Wright is responsible for developing and delivering the strategy and implementation across the Asia Investor Group on Climate Change and Investor Group on Climate Change, covering investor practice and policy advocacy. Rebecca will present on the global trajectory towards net zero, and what this means for businesses.
11.45am Panel Discussion Is net zero good for South Australia's small and family business sectors? Small and family-owned businesses are the majority of enterprises across most industry sectors in South Australia. This first panel discussion unpacks the opportunities that climate change, emissions reduction and sustainability provide for business and enterprise owners and their stakeholders. The Panel:
  • Hon Andrea Michaels MP, Minister for Small and Family Business, Government of South Australia
  • Andrew Kay, CEO, Business SA, Chamber of Commerce and Industry South Australia
  • Jenny Paradiso, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Suntrix
  • Nick Palousis, Managing Director 2XE and Founder of Accelerate Zero
  • Dan Spencer, Organising Lead and Energy Organiser, Australian Services Union SA+NT Branch
Facilitator: Martin Haese, Chair, Premier's Climate Change Council
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Panel Discussion Factoring climate risk into your business and investment strategy. Future climate scenarios are impacting future business and investment strategies. The panel will discuss the commercial, governance and supply chain risks that climate change poses to businesses, investment attraction, and international trade in South Australia. The Panel:
  • Hon Nick Champion MP, Minister for Trade and Investment, Government of South Australia
  • Professor Richard Turner, Serial Entrepreneur, Deputy Chair, Premier's Climate Change Council
  • Phoebe Roberts, Senior Associate, Climate and Sustainability Risk, Minter-Ellison
  • Jodie van Deventer, South Australian Director, Australian Industry Group
Facilitator: Dr Penny Schulz, Member, Premier's Climate Change Council
2.30pm Industry Interviews
Decarbonising the construction sector Decarbonising mining, manufacturing and heavy industry Decarbonising the services sector Low emissions agriculture
The construction industry is one of the largest employers in South Australia. This in-depth interview unpacks how climate change is shaping future trends in this vitally important sector.

The Industry Experts: Craig Holden, Director, Forme Projex and Chair State Planning Commission of South Australia and Francesca Muskovic, National Policy Director, Property Council of Australia

The interviewer: Daniel Bennett, Member, Premier's Climate Change Council

The format: 30-minute interview followed by 15 minutes of Q&A from the audience.
Much has been said about the decarbonisation of heavy industry, the growth in demand for rare earths, and the impacts on resources sector. This presentation unpacks climate change from a mining, manufacturing and industrial processes perspective and discusses how innovation is playing a role in shaping the future.

The Industry Experts: Felicity Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer, HILT CRC and Samantha McCulloch, CE, Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association

The interviewer: Susan Jeanes, Member, Premier's Climate Change Council

The format: 30-minute interview followed by 15 minutes of Q&A from the audience.
The services sector includes health, retail, hospitality, professional services and much more. The interviews will discuss trends in decarbonising the services sector and a future net zero emissions consumer economy.

The Industry Experts: Professor Nicola Spurrier, Chief Public Health Officer, Government of South Australia and
Franklin dos Santos, CEO, Foodland

The interviewer: Sandy Verschoor, Member, Premier's Climate Change Council

The format: 30-minute interview followed by 15 minutes of Q&A from the audience.
The agricultural sector is a key driver for South Australian exports. With a focus on cropping, grazing, carbon farming and soil management, this interview discusses the impacts of climate change and the trends and innovations across the agricultural sector.

The Industry Expert: Dr Stephen Wiedemann, Founder, Integrity Ag & Environment

The interviewer: Dr Penny Schulz, Member, Premier's Climate Change Council, Government of South Australia

The format: 30-minute interview followed by 15 minutes of Q&A from the audience.
3.15pm Afternoon Tea
3.45pm Industry interviews
Digital solutions for decarbonisation and carbon accounting The future of transport
Technology is playing a pivotal role in delivering climate change solutions. This interview discusses how ClimateTech is rapidly becoming a growth sector and how the building an understanding on the emergence of carbon accounting is essential for the business community.

The Industry Experts: Allys Todd, Founder, Director, Chief Executive Officer, Val.Ai and James Bartholomew, Vice President Strategic Solutions, Salesforce

The interviewer: Aron Hausler, Innovation Districts Manager, Department for Industry, Innovation and Science

The format: 30-minute panel session
The transport sector is undergoing a global revolution as electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles and biofuels dominate the daily media cycle. This panel interview unpacks the decarbonisation of the transport sector and what South Australia's transport infrastructure, vehicles and networks are likely to look like in the future.

The Industry Experts: Nick Reade, CEO, RAA and Darrell Jacobs , CEO, Motor Trade Association SA/NT

The interviewer: Daniel Conley, Member, Premier's Climate Change Council

The format: 30-minute panel session.
4.15pm Industry Interview: Carbon Markets This timely and insightful interview explores carbon pricing, carbon credits, carbon trading and carbon markets and their relevance, and opportunities for the business community in South Australia.

The Industry Experts: John Connor, CEO, Carbon Market Institute, Alex Toone, Executive General Manager - Commodities, Trade & Carbon, Commonwealth Bank, and Fiona Hancock, Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young

The interviewer: Neil McFarlane, Director of Climate Change and Hazard Risks, Department for Environment and Water, Government of South Australia

The format: 30-minute interview followed by 15 minutes of Q&A from the audience.
5.00pm Day 1 Close Martin Haese
Chair, Premier's Climate Change Council

Friday 21 April
7.45am Registration Opens
8.45am MC Welcome
Martin Haese
Chair, Premier's Climate Change Council
9.00am Welcome to Country and scene setting
Katrina Power
Climate Change and First Nations
9.15am Day 2 Opening Address
Hon Dr Susan Close MP
Deputy Premier of South Australia and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water Government of South Australia
9.45am Day 2 Industry Keynote Address
Tim Jarvis AM
Environmental Explorer, Adventurer, Author and Film Maker

There is no Planet B.
A confronting and inspiring presentation from Tim Jarvis, environmental explorer, adventurer, author and documentary film maker who has witnessed firsthand the grave impacts of climate change.
10.15am Morning Tea
10.45am Workshop Sessions
Day 2 is intended to harvest the wisdom of the audience whereby delegates choose the topic(s) that are of most interest to them.
Eight breakout sessions (four at a time) will unpack of the major topics introduced in Day 1.
Each breakout session will have an expert facilitator and feature an industry case-study.
The objective at the end of each session is to understand the opportunities and impediments climate change and a low emissions economy presents for each sector.

Group 1 Topic

Decarbonising transport (electric vehicles, tech and fuel transition).

This workshop will explore the supply and uptake of electric vehicles in South Australia, including passenger vehicles, light commercial, rigid body trucks, and semis to help businesses make the shift to a zero emission vehicle fleet.
Content Expert: Peter Nattrass, Manager, Future Industries, Department for Energy and Mining, Government of South Australia

Case Study Presenters:
• Sky Allen,
Owner, Arcadia Aquatic
• Briana Field, Business Support Officer, Department for Energy and Mining

Facilitated by Victoria Kardasis, Director, Endless Opportunities Ahead

Group 2 Topic

Consumer expectations of a net zero future.

Research on consumer behaviour shows that sustainability and values-based shopping are changing the very nature of consumption – people no longer simply buy products but also buy-in to the way a company chooses to do business. This workshop will not only explore how, but why businesses should set up a long-term plan to decouple business growth from emissions to help meet the future needs of their consumers.

Content Expert: Naomi Downer, Director Longitudinal Research, Kantar Public

Case Study Presenter: Franklin dos Santos, Chief Executive Officer, Foodland SA

Facilitated by Stephanie Wasley, Associate Director, Strategic Engagement, Department for Industry, Innovation and Science

Group 3 Topic

Pathways to decarbonise construction, buildings and public infrastructure.

Transformation in the built environment is a critical climate solution, as it is responsible for nearly half the world’s raw material use and landfill waste, and one third of emissions. This workshop will be an open conversation around South Australia’s opportunity, leveraging off our leadership in circular economy and renewable energy, and what businesses can do to reduce their carbon and waste footprints.

Content Expert: Ken Long, Sustainability Manager, Project Delivery, Lendlease

Case Study Presenter: Jacob Potter, Associate, Dsquared Consulting

Facilitated by Ian Overton, Chief Executive, Green Industries SA

Group 4 Topic

Regulatory mechanisms to achieve net zero.

Regulatory measures play an important role in improving our environment and creating a more sustainable future. This session will delve into how South Australia’s Environment Protection Regulations mechanisms can help the state reach its net zero emissions target and assist business to be more resilient to extreme weather events.

Content Expert and Facilitator: Kathryn Bellette, Director, Policy, Assessment and Finance, South Australian Environment Protection Authority

12.15pm Lunch
1.15pm Workshop Sessions

Group 5 Topic

Decarbonising the livestock sector.

A workshop to discuss how to reduce emissions from the livestock sector’s supply chain. Hear from industry experts in the field who will share their learnings and challenges.

Content Expert: Dr Stephen Wiedemann, Founder, Integrity Ag & Environment

Case Study Presenter: Mark Inglis, Farm Assurance and Supply Chain Manager, Thomas Foods International

Facilitated by Victoria Kardasis, Director, Endless Opportunities Ahead

Group 6 Topic

How emissions reduction in wine production can help improve export outcomes.

The export market is set to change as jurisdictions adopt net zero targets, and carbon tariffs are set in place globally. Come along to this session to understand how one of South Australia’s most important industries can benefit from this shift to a net zero emissions future.

Content Expert: Dr Sharon Harvey, Research and Innovation Program Manager, Wine Australia

Case Study Presenter: Richard Leask, Wine Maker, Hither & Yon

Facilitated by: Ali Lockwood, Executive Officer, South Australian Spirit Producers Association

Group 7 Topic

Greening manufacturing

How can SA manufacturers take action to become greener, more efficient operators and understand measures and controls relating to carbon?
Hear from leaders on how to take action and build a better understanding on how to manage challenges and recognise opportunity through change and transition to green manufacturing.

Content Expert: Dr Mark Siebentritt, Director, Edge Environment

Case Study Presenter: Fabien Claudon, Risk and Compliance Manager, REDARC

Facilitated by Stephanie Wasley, Associate Director, Strategic Engagement, Department for Industry, Innovation and Science

Group 8 Topic

Fundamentals of carbon accounting.

Find out about carbon accounting – from basic principles, where to start, and how to count carbon and achieve that net zero emissions goal.

Content Expert: Ariadne Gorring, Co-CEO, Pollination Foundation

Case Study: Matt Shorten, Director, Trellis Technologies

Facilitated by Giovanna Toldi
3pm South Australia’s economy will be a huge beneficiary from the transition to net zero emissions.
Rod Sims

Chair, Superpower Institute, and former-Chair, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

3:15pm Closing Plenary

Hon Dr Susan Close MP
Deputy Premier of South Australia and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water Government of South Australia

Martin Haese
Chair, Premier's Climate Change Council
3.30pm Day 2 Close
Closing Drinks


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